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Integrated software for real estate market

Integrated software 

for Real Estate 

A digital integrated system with ideal solutions to have efficient management and presentation abilities to show revolutionary real estate assets.

Intergrated software

A digital platform from which it is possible to manage the business process,

generate experience, collect data and optimize the selling process of real estate assets.

Living Interior rendering CGI


The first aim is to improve the sales capabilities of a real estate asset before the construction, bringing the countless benefits linked to the financial aspects of the investments.


A second key aspect: dynamic and innovative support of different real estate investment strategies such as crowdfunding to financing allows clients to appreciate the incredible interactive functions.


Furthermore, it was developed to integrate the important production of graphic material and video rendering.

This is crucial to a company's customer acquisition process.

01. Our Platform

An application complete and versatile that allows operators to manage and monitor a selling strategy with an individual instrument, a purchase proposal, digital tools, providing clients an integrated CRM (Customer Relation Management) and much more.

Balcony rendering outdoor

Digital Platform

Developed functionality by the current and prestigious marketing systems online and offline, defines an innovative and experiential approach during the purchasing process of residentials and offices.


LYNFA is a presentation software and real estate marketing utility to satisfy requirements of workers and operators of the real estate industry.

02. Many Users

A software designed to support real estate developers, brokers and clients.

Detail interior rendering cgi ue5

Your all-in-one solution

Real Estate agency

There are countless functions available to the brokers, through a simple and intuitive interface they can constantly monitor the progress of marketing analytics, complete management at the press of a button. Capable of acquiring and generating profiling through the calculations of data from website visitors.

Asset developer & Investors

A personalized dashboard that offers a complete vision about real estate operations, undergo negotiations and close deals, listings of availability, along with metrics and data.


The purchase of an apartment is one of the most significant events of life. Our technology's objective is to take care of the shopping experience and remove the doubts and insecurities that often prevail during a purchase of a property under construction.

03. The technology

The unity of technologies such as Virtual Reality, CGI, UI/UX Design, management databases and specific hardware allow a strategic approach for each project.

Integrated software for real estate market
Interior living rendering cgi
real estate property management database
Mockup imac software real estate marketing


The application allows operators to seamlessly manage multiple properties, guaranteeing privacy and access depending on the established roles.



A system capable of hosting all the latest generation digital technologies within it to support any real estate transaction, offering an all in one experience.

Navigation is facilitated by a user-friendly interface, through which it is possible to access the various functions.

Mockup architectural technical drawings real estate platform


A link between the futuristic technologies to support the real estate sector and the previous methodologies of representation, communication and information.

The technical information relating to the building and specific housing units, floor plans and documentation merge with the design and interactive experiences

Dining room, rendering sala da pranzo


The section in which the customer can configure their apartment, choosing from the finishes made available, increasing trust and facilitating the construction work.

Integrated software for real estate market
Real views via photo insertion with drone

Interior design services

Falling in love with every detail has never been so real

Home Configurator

​Configure your next dream home, get instant visual feedback

Real views

There will no longer be any doubts regarding the views of the desired apartment.

Home 3D configurator, forniture configurator
Bedroom cgi rendering
Integrated software for real estate market
Integrated software for real estate market
Bathroom salvatori, cgi rendered image

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Virtual Architecture

Virtual Architecture

Our combination of architectural creativity and digital arts allows us to create visions similar to reality, capable of bringing unique environments to life before they are built.

In-Store Hardware

In-Store Hardware

For each solution developed, we provide our customers with the hardware necessary to obtain an enriched customer experience and set up offices with unique style and technology.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Soluzioni mirate e scelta degli applicativi da utilizzare per garantire visibilità e attrattività del building online e offline.

Branding & Art direction

Branding & Art direction

For each project managed by our studio, we provide a dedicated team of professionals to design and take care of the brand building. Working on the design and software to ensure effectiveness and involvement with each project.

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