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Digital Marketing for real estate market mockup

Digital Marketing

for Real Estate

Strategies and communication for lead generation.

Real estate dining room

01. Strategy & Planning

Development of a strategic proposal based on the type of real estate transaction.

Digital marketing database per gli immobili


The first step we dedicate to each client is to evaluate the real estate transaction overall in all its aspects, thus allowing us to understand which tools are the most suitable.

After an initial evaluation, a strategic proposal will be structured based on the methods and communication channels that are selected

Each tool developed will be monitored to optimize its use in reference to the identified objectives.

02. Landing web page 

The design of a functional website with the aim of narrating the project through integrated profiling systems and optimization for each device.

Kitchen interior cgi rendering



The website or landing page will be used as an extension of the communication messages of social media or direct contacts, allowing you to always have a complete and professional online presence.


Traffic, visitors and contact forms will be processed into reports according to customer needs.

Plan selection filter in real estate market
Seo Optimized tool for real estate

Plan selection filter

Collection of all the project plans are just a click away.

Direct contact form 

Interactive and dynamic contact forms are used to collect leads and increase your customer portfolio.

SEO Optimized

​The websites created by us are optimized to have excellent positioning in search engines

Direct contact form for real estate agency

03. Graphic ADV

Design and re-elaboration of the contents produced in a social media key, adapts perfectly to the needs of the most used platforms.

Graphic ADV for real estate marketing


A package of content already optimized according to the guidelines of the social platforms will be developed. This will generate stylistic and informative graphics and layouts for the ADVs.

Advertising campaigns will be structured based on the strategies developed in the initial phases.

04. Social Media 

Our team of social media managers, in relation to the study of the drafted project, will effectively structure the best social promotion.

Social Media graphic tool


Presence on social media is certainly a fundamental key to ensuring promotion suited to the size of the project.


Based on the target audience and its capacity, a marketing plan will be studied on the main social channels, so as to allow a constant presence and collect important feedback.

Digital Marketing Tools

Targeted solutions and choice of applications to use to guarantee visibility and attractiveness of the building both online and offline.

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Virtual Architecture

Virtual Architecture

Our combination of architectural creativity and digital arts allows us to create visions similar to reality, capable of bringing unique environments to life before they are built.

In-Store Hardware

In-Store Hardware

For each solution developed, we provide our customers with the hardware necessary to obtain an enriched customer experience and set up offices with unique style and technology.

Integrated Software

Integrated Software

A digital platform from which companies can manage the entire business process, promote positive experiences, collect data and optimize the sales process of a real estate asset.

Branding & Art direction

Branding & Art direction

For each project managed by our studio, we provide a dedicated team of professionals to design and take care of the brand building. Working on the design and software to ensure effectiveness and involvement with each project.

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