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Visual Communication for Architects & Competition

Virtual Photography, Short Film, Video 3d Animation and much more

Architecture Project

Capturing the essence of an architectural project and transmitting it through digital content.

Digital Content for Architecture 

Our team is made up of architects and visual artists specializing in the creation of digital content for architecture.

The type of work to be created is defined based on the purpose and the project, starting from CGI images for competitions or private projects, conceptual videos to narrate the themes and functions of the project up to real 3D short films.

Images for the project by Corvino + Multari for the former Pope barracks in Brescia

Ex Caserma Papa - Brescia

Regeneration project of a large area of the city of Brescia. New headquarters for institutions such as Guardia di Finanza, customs and motorization.

Corvino + Multari, PROAP, Rina Spa, DFP Engineering

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Immagini per il progetto di Corvino + Multari per il concorso del parco della giustizia, bari

Parco della Giustizia - Bari

Contenuti digitali per il concorso del Parco della Giustizia - Bari

Corvino + Multari, PROAP

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Video rendering e immagini per il progetto "Le Stanze d'Abruzzo"

Le Stanze d'Abruzzo

Nuovo Resort a Lettomanoppello

MKS Architetti

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Images for the Peia Associati project for the Città della Musica competition

Città della Musica - Milano

Architecture competition

Peia Associati

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